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Friday, June 21, 2013

Reflections of Ruin-Rebirth

Rebirth cover art

Their are very few solid metalcore bands these days, they either turn into pitiful good cop bad cop moaning or just develop into djent. Yet Reflections of Ruin are content to walk the middle road and make their own brand of solid and face ripping metalcore that restores my faith in a genre so often maligned. Their new record Rebirth is a powerful testament to how good metalcore can be when written by strong musicians with a clear vision. Something you can circle pit too or simply sit back and enjoy Reflections of Ruin new CD is a promising record filled with the potential to transcend the genre.

What's important to note about Rebirth is that while it may be labeled metalcore this is mostly due to the breakdowns. If the group were to cut these out they would still be an excellent death metal band. However, that is not to say that the breakdowns are out of place, in fact they do add a lot of flavor to the music and give it a solid sense of metalcore grit. I particularly like the lead lines, they give the music a lot of flavor and help the listener swoop around the soundscape. With the crazy solos the songs become much more interesting and help to make Reflections of Ruin a more impressive band.

In conclusion, if you're looking for some solid metalcore with a host of death metal influences and soe really solid breakdowns then Reflections of Ruin is the band for you. A group who are not afraid to get heavy and who use a lot of cool melody lines I can see Reflections of Ruin rapidly leaving their Perth nest and touring the world. Rebirth is quite literally one of my favorite metalcore releases of the year as it proves that their is still a lot of interesting stuff to be done in the genre. If you want an album that will reassure you about the state of modern metal and simultaneously rip your head off then Reflections of Ruin is the band for you!

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