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Friday, June 21, 2013

Where Giants Once Stood

And so I bring you another nifty metalcore band, this time from Toronto. Where Giants Once Stood is a veritable Canadian metal force. A group who have a fairly good handle on mixing cleans and growls this band is simply fun to listen too. Their crazed riffs help to inspire circle pit starting fury in my heart and make me want to headbang until I throw my back out. Meanwhile the crushing playing on songs like Heavens Tremble (Which features a cool music video found HERE) shows a touch of the classic hardcore attitude promising a face ripping good time. Their mix of furious riffs and super technical solos is not to be missed. In the future I'd like too see Where Giants Once Stood continue in their heavier and more technical direction, I feel that's where they are strongest, but if they continue to put out very solid metalcore like this then they have a good chance to make it big. With already over two thousand facebook fans and a new EP entitled The Changing coming out July 30th the future seems bright for these sons of the American North.

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