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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Resistance 13

Resistance 13

Resistance 13 is a nifty hard rock band with some very positive lyrics and a general bucketload of good vibes. Their are a lot of cool dynamics to be found in the Resistance 13 sound and some great tempo changes. A great example of this is in their song Misguided which features some really nifty songwriting accented by a sort of perpetual forward motion but with, of course, a varying acceleration. I like the vocals a lot, they have a certain meatiness that helps to give the music a lot of substance. They carry out some really great melodies too and give Resistance 13 a lot of flavor. Yet they can also get a bit harsher and give the music an abrasive edge, this is especially evident in their song Sympathize the Fallen. In short, if you're looking for a band with a positive atmosphere who will serve as a mid-week pick me up then Resistance 13 is the group for you. Well organized, elegant and simply fun to listen too Resistance 13 have certainly put a smile on my face!

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