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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Mahogany Head Grenade

return to the point of departure cover art

An instrumental metal (instrumetal?) band from Dallas Mahogany Head Grenade represent some of the greatest musicians in the ever growing instrumental metal scene. Their heavy riffs and crazy solos are worthy of Satriani himself. It's important to note with this band that they are not in the vein of groups like Scale the Summit or Animals as Leaders, that is to say, there is nothing 'djent' about this band. Instead Mahogany Head Grenade provide some good old fashioned rocking with crazed riffs and buckets of fun solos. A band who make heads bang and hips twist their is a lot to love here. I particularly enjoy the solos, they have a crackling rock and roll energy that just makes them that much more fun. Their new record Return to the Point of Departure is a beautiful tribute to the magic that true instrumental rock can have in all of its shredding glory. Something that fans of Dream Theater, Symphony X and Andy James would love all of you prog snobs out there should not miss Mahogany Head Grenade, they could very well be the next big thing in prog!

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