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Friday, June 14, 2013


VILAGVEGE cover art

There's a funny story behind my introduction to Rorcal and their new record Vilagvege. I got their album in the mail in a clear plastic slip, on it was their freaky cover art and inside was their disk. All black on one side, on the shiny side was written "RORCAL, VILAGVEGE" With two inverted crosses. I stuck the disc in my laptop, it didn't play, it didn't work in my speaker system either. Then I realized, THIS IS BLACK METAL. Upon finding Rorcal on Bandcamp my head has been slowly crushed to a pulp at the incredible power of this band. A group who could very well be the Pallbearer of 2013.

A chaotic doom metal band whose sound is so incredibly bleak it baffles the eardrums its easy to get lost in the dark forests that make up Rorcals soundscapes. Their is a wonderful desperation here that makes itself present on tracks like D, it shows the bands dedication to raw brutality and sheer evil, something few modern bands do. Many fade away with acoustic sections or ambient parts, not Rorcal, this band unleashes an unholy armageddon on your ear drums and makes you beg for more. Eight tracks is not enough of this doom metal madness, I demand more of the incredibly raw and satanic evil incarnate that is Rorcals sound, I'm even wondering if my general lust for this bands extreme brand of doom will ever be sated.

In short, if you're looking for something that will slowly melt your soul as your ears cry out in desperation to any sort of god Rorcal is your band. This groups completely impvre sound and sheer evil is not something for the lighthearted, only the grimmest black metallers will survive the onslaught of the bands sound. Yet those survivors will come out stronger, harder, warriors who have seen the far side of metal and saw that it was good. For the pvrest of the pvre and the evilest of the evil Vilagvege will pound your bones to dust and make you a slave to doom. Check them out.

Listen to this madness on Bandcamp

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