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Friday, June 14, 2013


Spitehouse is a nifty garage rock band very much in the vein of Nirvana. Yet unlike many of these bands who take a huge influence from those gods Spitehouse are actually good and fun to listen too despite their low production values. These guys are all pretty young (Barely 18) yet they're very tight. Their music may sound fairly simple on the outside but it's in fact a joy to jam with and showcases the power that the modern rock scene can have. The riffs are simple and primal, they call out to the soul and bring them into a grunge inspired nirvana, a glorious world where Kurt Cobain rules all. The earthy tones captured by these Londoners in conjunction with their more fiery riffs creates an end product that is surprisingly addictive even if it could do with polishing. Right now I think that with a few studio tracks and some bigger shows Spitehouse might very well be capable of taking their music to a much bigger stage. Once they release an album things could get huge for these sons of England!

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