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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Sanktuary-Raise the Flag

Sanktuary is a killer thrash metal band from Canada. Their sound is vicious and filled with the crazy riffs and fun licks that made early Metallica so much fun. The sound is fully dedicated to 80s thrash, with lots of mosh heavy riffs and circle pit starting drum lines. Their new song Raise the Flag is a thrash metal masterwork, a blazing inferno that zaps the ears and kicks off the most serious moshing. A veritable metal anthem it has everything from the fiery drum intro to the crazed riff and most excellent solo. Toss in a memorable chorus and you have yourself one of the best thrash metal tracks of 2013. It proves to me that their is still a lot of fun to be had in the genre as we blast poser skulls and raise our metal flag in honor of our metallic forefathers. A product of stellar songwriting and presumably copious amounts of cheap alcohol I'm very excited to see what Sanktuary end up doing with their hard hitting thrash metal sound. Suffice to say, this track alone makes me want, if not NEED to check out their new album Something Fierce!

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