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Saturday, June 22, 2013


A band who seek to make 'heavy metal the way it was meant to be played' Keflar is an epic thrash metal band from Holland. These Dutch gentlemen know how to make hard hitting metal riffs that rip your face off and throw you on your back into a circle pit. With rough and vicious songs often reminiscent of Machine Head or Testament Keflar are simply a lot of fun to listen too. Their harsh thrash vocals give them a taste of 80s metal and the general riff structure strikes me as a lot more aughties than anything else. These guys know how to rock and they're not afraid to rip some faces off as they do it. I feel like the band is best at their harshest though, while the more clean vocals are fairly well done the heavy parts are so much more intense and interesting. With riffs upon riffs Keflar have the potential to be one of the great metal bands of the twenty first century, now it's just a matter of cleaning up some of the rougher edges of their sound and fully embracing their dark side!

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