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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Scratch the Floor-Scratch the Floor

An electrifying band with an excellent rap inspired groove Scratch the Floor are one of those nu metal bands who restore my faith in the genre. Add in the fact that they're from Georgia (The country) and my adoration for this band is complete. A group from a developing nation who prove that a traditionally mediocre genre can be awesome? Yes please! This is a record for the ages, sure to be one of the best (if not the best) nu metal record of the year. Chock full of tight riffs and blasting drum parts Scratch the Floor is an interesting and enlightening debut record that many a metalhead should find enjoyable.

What really sets this band apart is their excellent rhythm section, it is what really gives the band flavor and grit. The groove alone could even draw fans of more traditional hard rock. This groove becomes especially prevalent on tracks such as Ants which relies on a powerful and almost funky bass line to help give the music its flare. Overall the songwriting is pretty tight and I particularly like the more bass centric songs, it helps to set the band apart and give them a unique vibe. They occasionally turn to funk-metal and I think this gives the band their own feel, their rap funk metal fusion makes for an interesting listen to say the least!

As a whole Scratch the Floor is a lot of fun to listen too simply because of the great songwriting and loads of groove. If you're looking for something a bit different yet still wholly accessible then Scratch the Floor is a band you must check out, they combine a diaspora of genres yet somehow it still works! Their new record is a wild ride filled with metal riffs and rap based grooves. Hard hitting and unapologetic I get the feeling that we will be hearing more from Scratch the Floor in the near future. Their debut record shows a lot of potential and I'm excited to hear how they develop their sound on later albums!

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