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Sunday, June 9, 2013


Helixian cover art

Refraction is a cool prog band who have been plowing the most abstract planes of metal since 2007. A band who are very much in the vein of Isis or Neurosis but with a bit of their own vibe tossed in as well Refractions new EP Helixian is a truly enlightening listen. It is a four song prog masterwork that shows off a band who are ready to fully achieve the next level.While largely instrumental there are a few growls that slot in over top of the epic instrumental part. Their is a certain dissonant beauty found here that really reaches out and touches the soul. Definitely not what you would expect to find on a standard prog record it still works within the confines of the genre, it  just sets the band apart and proves their raw skill. The songs manage to lift you up as if you were on the wings of an eagle, carrying you away to a mystical kingdom rule by Paul Masvidal, a place where prog reins supreme. So if you're looking for something mystical and unique to kick off your day with, something that will leave you gasping in wonder Refraction is the band for you!

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