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Saturday, June 1, 2013



Now THIS is grindcore. Unholy gods of guts and gore in the making Shitfuckingshit is an extremely dark grindcore band (as if the name didn't clue you in) A group who do not shy away from the mid tempo crush of groovegrind or the crazed blasting of Napalm Death Shitfuckingshit create a purely evil sound that is hard to match. It really brings me back to the early days at The Mermaid in Birmingham. The harsh vocals have a certain evil in them only found in the darkers works of Burzum and Mayhem, even if this band is not at all black metal. Unforgiving and crude this is the kind of band that makes people run away in fear. These guys know how to horrify and revel in their gorier tendencies. Something many a grinder will love it should appeal to few on the outside of the genre. As a whole though Shitfuckingshit is a grindcore lovers grind band. Brutal, crass and strangely brilliant! Though they only ave five tracks out right now the future seems bright for these gross grind crafters!

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