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Saturday, June 1, 2013

This Gift is a Curse-I Bearer

Blackened Hardcore is not something the average metalhead comes across every day. Instead it is a rare treat for a teenage metaller like me to take part in the unholy ritual that is This Gift is a Curse. Their new album I Bearer is a colossal testament to the glory of the genre. Often in the vein of bands like Okkultokrati This Gift is a Curse are an interesting band to listen to, their sound has a raw evil and a humongous dose of hardcore energy. The end product is strangely beautiful something that will appeal to the trvest of the trve and alienate the less pvre.

Whats really appealing about This Gift is a Curse is the strange throb that their music seems to have. It keeps the body in constant motion, not to the beat but to the waves of distortion that cascade across the listeners ears. Songs like The Sound of Broken Bells really emphasize this atonal and unholy glory that really allows the music to prosper. The harsh quality is truly unforgiving, this is a band to be seen in an underground venue surrounded by men with neck tattoos. After repeated listens the music becomes truly engrossing and allows no escape for the true devotee.

In short, with just nine songs I Bearer has been able to turn me into a This Gift is a Curse addict. I am in love with their cruel sounds and twisted riffs. Its simply something you get or you don't, there is no in between. So if you think your soul is ready for the bleak attack that is I Bearer then open your heart and plunge into the albums icy depths. The unitiated may shudder but the true kvltists should revel in the blasphemous glories that This Gift is a Curse provide. Culminating in ultimate evil with I Will Swallow All Light  I Bearer will swallow the listener whole and keep them in thrall of this band.

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