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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Staring Into Fire

Staring into Fire is a sick thrash metal band with a gritty sound and some very solid tunes. Their collection of thrash anthems are a blast to listen too and really get the pit started. Songs like Before the Hunt showcase the great riffing ability of these guys. Their songwriting is very tight too, they find a great mix between faster and slower parts. The end result is a dynamic sound that is a lot of fun to listen too and slowly melts your ears as you think deeper and deeper into thrash metal oblivion. My one criticism of the and is that their production is a little off (especially with the drums). Yet they still manage to succeed and prove themselves as potent metal warriors. I really like their choruses, I think they really emphasize the thrash metal anthem side of the music. Their new self titled debut album is a promising introduction to a band who want to take the world by storm. With a bit more polish and a tightening up of some of the songs these guys should be very much able to come out with some excellent music and take their music to a whole new stage.

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