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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Mammoth Salmon

Mammoth Salmon is a terrifying sludge metal band with a gritty attitude. With songs filled to the brim with crushing riffs and mountains of groove any fan of Portlands sludge scene will adore these guys. Their sound is simply destructive, their is no other way to describe the pumelling force of these riffs. They take the music to a whole new level and turn the group into a sort of slowed down XII Boar. The doom elements found in songs like Green Lung help to give the music a bit of a Black Sabbath edge. Meanwhile the more stoner metal riffs add in a touch of Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats. As a whole this is a wonderful band who any fan of trve sludge metal and colossal riffs will love. While some of the songs may need some refining the artistic vision is very clear and surprisingly good given the band has only been around for about a year. Bone cracking and skull smashing I can seen Mammoth Salmon going far, they have the talent and chops to do it, now all they need is a break.

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