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Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Crimson Star

The Crimson Star - New Road EP

A high powered train is powering out of Birmingham, the crushing riffs of The Crimson Star represent one of the most potent rock forces to come out of the region in a while. Their solid songwriting and tight tone represent a band who are capable of taking on a global scene. What I really love is the contrast of their stellar production versus the gritty nature of a lot of their riffs. their choruses are especially fiery and songs like Some Other Way profit from having a fiery chorus riff used in conjunction with some interesting dynamic expression. An overall very solid rock band who understand what it is to rock and roll fans of up and coming acts like Piston will adore the gritty sound and polished tones of The Crimson Star. For lovers of modern rock with a real fire in its belly the bands debut EP New Road will be a 19 minute rock and roll adventure. A band who uphold the spirit of Chuck Berry's music The Crimson Star are fun to listen too and will melt your face off with their high powered riffs and fun playing.

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  1. Thanks for the kind words - what a fantastic first review of our first EP! Let's hope everyone else agrees with you ;-)