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Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Sleepy Plessow cover art

Judicator is a high flying power metal band that sweep you up on angelic wings and carry you away on a power metal filled flight of destiny. Their are some very cool and unique elements in this bands sound. I particularly like the way they incorporate the occasional harsher shriek  or growl to oppose higher register of the vocals. It helps to keep things interesting and make Judicator unique. A great example of this is on their track Thirty Years of Terror which also uses some nifty spoken word parts. In short, the music found on Judicators new record Sleepy Plessow is a sort of vocal triumph with a veritable 'best of' of the vocals across metal genres. It all comes together though under the power metal madness embodies by the melodic solos and epic riffs found in the music. A highly enjoyable listen Judicator seem to have the potentioal to get truly big. Their sound is tightly polished and the songs are brilliantly executed. If you're looking for a power metal band who will change what you think power metal can be then Judicator is the band for you! They're pushing the envelope and seem ready to take the globe by storm.

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