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Monday, June 24, 2013

Unkind-Pelon Juuret

A man starts running down a poorly lit city street, something is coming, something evil and potent, as he runs he realizes their is no escape, he will be overcome by the intimidating power of Unkinds latest release Pelon Juuret. Seven tracks of pit starting riffs and vicious vocals Pelon Juuret will beat the listener into submission and hold them in thrall of the extreme power and browbeating riffs that are found throughout this record. Toss in a couple violent hardcore downbeats and you have yourself a record for the ages, a veritable underground masterpiece.

What really makes these Finns special is their interesting use of atmospherics. It adds a lot of flavor to the music and helps to make Unkind unique. I particularly dig the intro of Viallinen a moody piece that eventually breaks into a skull smashing and ear crushing d-beat piece that rips out juggulars. As much as I love the more solid and fast paced pieces I'd like to hear more of this slow crushing insanity. The versatile nature of the album gives the music an almost Pig Destroyer type quality, and I'm quite serious when I say that in many ways Unkind is the Pig Destroyer of hardcore, they're simply that good.

In conclusion, if you're looking for some of the most violent and intelligent hardcore of 2013 then Pelon Juuret is the album for you. Filled with ripping riffs and amazing atmospherics this album is something worth spinning many a time. A veritable twenty first century masterwork here lies proof that d-beat hardcore can still be something special. In many ways Pelon Juuret shows an incredible way forward for the genre, an album for the ages I'm excited to see where Unkind bring their sound in the future. What I'm really trying to say is you should pick this album up when it comes out on Relapse on the 9th of July.

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