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Monday, June 24, 2013

Interview with Cub3

So you may remember my recent review of French death Metal lords Cub3. Suffice to say I was very excited to get the opportunity to interview them. Here are the questions they answered for me! Enjoy!

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Can you introduce your band?

Cub3 is a french Death/Ambient (etc...) Metal band, formed in 2009 – Members of cube met when their own previous band failed.... A self produced demo was recorded in early 2010, and allow the band to hit the stage during july 2010 until August 2012,  supporting bands like : BETRAYING THE MARTYRS, DARKNESS DYNAMITE, JENX, SINSCALE, DO OR DIE, ANONYMOUS, ORTARGOS, OFFENDING, MAGOA.

Your new album Identité just came out, can you tell me a little about it?

New and first album. It was like an Odyssey.  The phase of recording was really long and hard...Everyone in the band have a full time job and it was not an easy thing to take holidays at the same time... it is was our first self produced LP, and  we really pushed ourselves to give the best we can at this moment. Only Mastering was realised at MIX’EM ALL STUDIO. We really want to work with Franck HUESO, because we really enjoy his work on hacride’s and klone’s record, and his silky beard.

What were the messages you wanted to communicate in the lyrics?

Our lyrics are enough clear, most of the time, to be understood...some song is about failing, other about rising.  

What inspires your music?

Listen to our music, and tell us :)

How did you get your unique sound? Who were your main influences?
Franck Michaël, Tool, Andrea Bocceli, Rammstein, Jean Luc Lahaye, Static x, and many more.

How did the album creation process go?

Fine , thank you :)

What makes this album truly special for you?
Because it’s our first !

Do you have a favorite song off this album?

VS and Ces Morts Qui Marchent for coherence between music and synth/samples. In the end, each song is different so we don’t have really a favorite one.

How do you plan to tour in support of this album?

We’re creating a tour to support the release of the album ( expected in September) with Alchemy Agency. We’re looking for organisation which can book us for October to December.

How will you develop your sound in the future?
We already have several ideas in our heads, but now, it’s time to promoting IDENTITE.

What is the future of Cub3?
We hope to play as many shows as possible

What do you love so much about music?
Beer, composing, being on stage. and caressing the tabby mole

Any last words of wisdom?
Save bamboo - Eat a panda

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