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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Valient Thorr-Our Own Masters


Valient Thorr is a band made of good vibes, vibes that emanate from their lead singer Valient Himself. Their new record Our Own Masters is a powerful tribute to the magic of rock and roll. Filled with hectic energy and manic riffs Valient Thorr is simply fun to listen too and their newest release is just another feel good album that continues the bands course charted for a world of sex drugs and rock and roll. Toss in a few tasty solos and a handful of sing a long choruses and you have yourself an album for the ages. A record that reaches across generations and reeks of rock and roll madness.

What really makes this set of twelve tracks special is the raw feel that the music has. Be it in Valient Himself's  crude shouts or in the generally vicious guitar tone. This simplicity combined with the upbeat lyrics (No Strings Attached being a prime example of this) gives a sort of Municipal Waste vibe to the music, not sonically but spiritually. Its music that tells you that even if life sucks now things will get better and you have to sit back and smell the roses. Our Own Masters encourages the listener to carry on no matter what, and this really touches my heart, it gives me the will to carry on and be my own master as it were.

To finish, if you're lookign for an album that will get your head to band and your face to break into a smile then Our Own Masters is the record for you. Laid back and filled with rock and roll turned up to the max this could very well be the album that breaks Valient Thorr in the big time, they certainly deserve it. Otherwise American readers should check out Valient Thorr on their tour that starts up the 12th of June and be sure to buy their album when its released June 18th. Its definitely worth it and could very well go down as one of the greatest releases of 2013.

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