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Tuesday, June 4, 2013



Some of you may remember Xstrophy as the band that blew my head off with their ripping thrash sound back in June of 2011. Well now they have an album out and boy does it shred. With sick riffs and harsh vocals these Pennsylvanians (Wooo homestate brethren!)  now how to create some wicked thrash metal riffs. Hard hitting and crude Xstrophy have a penchant for exploding skulls. They have had five years to refine their sound and so now in 2013 their debut record seems to be quite the potent force. While its still a bit rough on the edges I feel like that just adds to hardcore thrash sound. If it was too polished Xstrophy might end up being denounced as posers. As is this band prove once again that they are vicious thrashers who understand what the core tenets of the genre are all about, hectic riffs and intricate solos coming together to create unforgiving soundscapes on a plane blessed by the dark lord himself. So if you're looking for some fresh new American thrash Xstrophy is the band for you!

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