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Saturday, June 8, 2013


Woslom is a destructive thrash metal band from Brazil who greatly impressed me back in May with their album Time to Rise. Now they have a new album out entitled Evolustruction, a crazed thrash attack that grabs the listener by the throat and slowly strangles them to death. This is an album that throttles the listener with its blazing thrash metal sound and vicious vocal charges. A record that is powerful and fun to listen too Evolustruction has rapidly climbed as one of my favorite thrash metal records of the year. A testament to the enduring power of bands like Testament.

What makes this record especially interesting is the way that even though the tracks are longer (most over 4 minutes) the music is still surprisingly fresh. I think this may be due in part to the crazed solos and highly technical riffs that spice up the record. Through the bands great songwriting tracks like Haunted By the Past stay interesting through the 6th minute. Meanwhile the vocals have a harsh quality reminiscent of Paul Baloff of Exodus or even Chuck Billy of Testament. Their is a great desperation here that calls out to the listener and holds them in thrall of the furious playing.

In sum, if you're looking for a crushing thrash band who have a slightly different approach to the genre then Woslom is the band for you. Fresh and inspiring Evolustruction is simply a lot of fun to listen too. Their are crazy fills, epic choruses and a general aggression that keeps the listener having fun for a long time. Definitely worth the time of all you thrash metal lovers to check out these ten flaming tracks will keep you headbanging for hours. With this album in the can and a few big shows on the horizon for Woslom it seems like the band will soon be able to prove their worth on the mainstream! They certainly deserve it!

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