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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Feed Her Static

Feed Her Static

Feed Her Static is an interesting progressive metal band from Florida. They have some very solid songwriting and handful of blazing solos. These elements come together for an end product that is intensely enjoyable and filled with the kind of crazy riffs that show both the fun and the more serious nature of metal. A perfect example of this is their song  The Underdog Takes Flight which showcases some hard hitting Lamb of God type riffs contrasted with some more intellectual Dream Theater type stuff. It gives a very interesting geneeral effect on the listener and is a lot of fun to listen too. I would also like to point out that the combination of cleans and growls is excellent, it helps to give the songs a lot of flavor and really works. This is by no means the silly good guy/bad guy opposition found in so much bad modern metalcore. Despite only having two  tracks out the band is still worth checking out, suffice to say I'm very much looking forward to them releasing more material in the near future!

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