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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Brennkelt-Isarnos Brennos

A Gaul war leader screams in the distance, the horn of battle is sounded and Brennkelt jump out of the gate ready to smash your skull in with their unique brand of 'Gaulish War Metal' (sic) This 10 track death metal bonanza is a testament to the unrelenting fury that the bands ancestors possessed. With riffs that will inspire circle pits and walls of death galore their debut release Isarno Brennos is a wholly enjoyable mix of evil riffs and sheer death metal fury, something that surprisingly few modern bands really possess. This band is in many ways a French answer to the might of Amon Amarth

The thing that makes these guys special for me is that they seem so deeply invested in their music. There is a real depth to the growls, a real rage behind every scream and shout, it makes the album most invigorating and keeps things interesting for the duration of the record. This raw dedication is seen on almost every track, from odes to the god of war to depictions of ancient battles and it shows a band who are fully obsessed with their craft, a group who unabashedly fight for the memory of their ancestors to be preserved. Note that there are touches of black metal here and their which adds flavor to a lot of the riffs while never becoming truly dominant, it just gives the album a bit more variety.

As a whole Isarno Brennos is the work of a group of men who truly seek to honor their ancestors. There are righteous riffs found throughout and the frontmans unholy roar is not to be missed. A group who could very well be the next big thing in folk metal I'm excited to see where there unique take on death metal takes them. A band who get what it is to be ferocious and who are completely dedicated to their nations proud history Brennkelt will seemingly never give in, instead fighting, becoming harder and stronger until they possess full death metal domination.

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