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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Darktribe-Mysticeti Victoria

Regular readers know that I review a lot of grim stuff on this blog, just because thats the kind of thing I normally dig. Yet deep within my heart I still maintain a love for the power metal that originally brought me into this crazy world of mosh pits and headbanging. Yet rarely is their a new power metal record that brings me back to the age of 13 and to that initial joy, even among the legions of identical power metal bands on Nuclear Blast nothing inspires me anymore. That is what makes Darktribes debut release Mysticeti Victoria so special, it shines as an eleven track shred fest that will make any jaded metal nerd crack a smile.

The thing about this record is that it has all of the elements of a great power metal record and then executes them almost perfectly. There are melodic keyboard parts, incredible guitar lines and moody acoustic parts, what more could a power metal geek ask for? The bands singer is incredible too, his voice soars and floats on angels wings, a sort of god of the vocal chords he provides the icing on the cake for a very solid power metal band. Together all of these elements, the super technical guitar parts, the pounding bass lines, aggressive drums and high flying vocals unite to give us one of the best power metal releases of the year, something that really captures our hearts.

In sum, this is a power metal record for the power metaller, glorious, fun and light hearted there is a lot to love here. While there are places the band could improve (For example even bigger choruses and other sing a long parts might increase audience participation and add flavor) Mysticeti Victoria is quite possibly the best power metal debut since Hammerfall, it's seriously that good. In addition, the band supports the Sea Sheperd Foundation, an organization that helps to protect whales, so by purchasing this record you're helping a great cause. So, if you're looking for a way to kick off your week in a storm of power metal magic then this is the album for you!

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