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Wednesday, July 24, 2013



As some of you may have noticed by now, I really dig rethrash. While the scene may be a bit clogged up now there is simply so much to love with this type of music, from the epic riffs to the power choruses, and it becomes all the better when a group simply does it right. Suffice to say, this Granada based band know how to do rethrash right and simply revel in it. A wholly enjoyable band these guys are quite clearly having fun with their craft and bedazzle it with tons of glowing solos and hard hitting riffs. Toss in some excellent thrash vocals and you have yourself one of the few rethrash bands who really stand out from the crowd, a group who roar into your ears and pummel you into submission. Ferocious and mighty this is a band who I can see going far in the modern thrash scene cluttered as it is. A group who seek to differentiate themselves while simultaneously respecting the boundaries of the genre who knows where Abductum will carry their sound next?

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