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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Meaning of Life-A Cry Into Desolation

Depressive black metal, now THERE is a genre to be reckoned with, beautiful and somber the music of these bands seemed destined to accompany the listener to their grave, yet, it is often hard to pull off. Meaning of Life though accomplish it with aplomb pulling together an excellent record that shows the power that Central American black metal has. This record has all of the negative vibes that make life such torment at times. A crushingly depressing and very heavy trio from Honduras Meaning of Life have created something truly magical with their latest release, A Cry Into Desolation.

My favorite part about this record is probably the epic soundscapes that this band creates using both guitars and keyboards, they are harsh and unforgiving, yet often surprisingly beautiful. The sense of doom that seems to pervade a lot of these songs only adds flavor to the tracks and makes pieces like the nearly 10 minute long Heartless seem a lot more poignant. The keyboard lines are probably a big part of this and give a sense of old school fatality to the songs, they are one of my favorite parts of this record. Their melancholic minor key melodies are not something to be easily forgotten or cast aside. Instead they rise up and take the music to a whole new level.

In conclusion, A Cry Into Desolation is nine tracks of pure black metal magic, songs that tear the soul into shreds but somehow make you feel good about it afterwards. If you're looking for a band who will bring your mind down but somehow lift your heart up at the same time then Meaning of Life is the group for you. Depressive and glorious I'm excited to see how these guys develop their sound in the future, they certainly understand how to make top notch depressive black metal, a genre so few excel in. For now, all I can say is long live Central American black metal!

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