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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Abysse-La Vide est Forme

A two song EP that is wholly instrumental and more than twenty minutes long? That screams of prog snobbery, yet strangely enough Le Vide est Forme, the debut release from my friends in Abysse is more than just that, it shows the launching point of the groovy and magical machine that this band was to come. A bit more spacey and abstract than the groups first full length En(d)grave there is still something to be appreciated in the masterful tones of this record as they create a sort of magical wrold where anything is possible and groovy instrumental prog dominates.

Much like with the groups full length this record does not at all require a vocalist nor would it all profit from one. Experienced listeners know that is best to leave the magic of this band alone, in its pure and brute state. As the primal magic of this record flows over you I think its possible to get a sense of what the group was originally going for in their sound: Yet, it's still possible to hear some of the crunchy and windmilling riffs that characterize so much of En(d)grave. The magic this record has as a stand alone release should not be ignored, even if it is  a fitting prequel to the bands more recent effort.

In short, if you're on the hunt for some magical, yet unpretentious instru-metal then this is the band for you: Equally capable of crafting delicate soundscapes as they are harsh realities their is a lot to love in this pair of songs. As all of the issues were smoothed out on the groups next release there's really nothing to complain about other than that there isn't nearly enough! It's been 17 months since their last record, that is far too long without another slab of instrumental metal magic! So prog snobs and heshers unite, go out and spread the good word of Abysse!

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