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Monday, July 15, 2013

Atma Weapon

Atma Weapon is a really cool prog band who I found on Petrucci Forum (Which is always an indicator of a great group) Their stellar soundscapes are not to be missed as they fuse metal with rock and then even more ambient elements. The end result is some prog that is accessible and powerful, something that you could show to your friends and not be labeled a nerd for listening too. Their new record Dark Tower is a wonderful tribute to the glories of prog with all sorts of flashy solos strange rhythms and general musical excellence. Comparisons could be drawn to the lush soundscapes of Opeth however these guys tend to play with a bit more overall aggression (Even if they never descend into hellish death growls). There are some modern metal elements at play here too and they add flavor to a lot of the songs. If you're looking for a fresh new prog band with cool ideas and some really great musicians then Atma Weapon is definitely the band for you!

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