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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Backtrack Lane

Backtrack Lane

Backtrack Lane is a nifty hard rock band from France. Their powerful sound and pummeling drum beats are not to be missed, this is definitely something lovers of bands like The Foo Fighters and Pearl Jam will enjoy. With cool bluesy licks and a vocalist who really rips these guys are simply fun, from the upbeat playing on the first song you can tell right away that these guys know how to have a good time. The tension builds and then explodes in a glorious chorus, what more is there to ask for? Backtrack Lane get hard rock and they do it right, they simply understand all of the magic that is inherent in the genre and turn it up to 11. It seems dumb, but very few modern hard rock bands can really do this, they rarely go for the throat anymore. The songwriting here is very tight and their tracks never get boring, instead they stay spicy and packed with stellar jams. Note that the band can do the acoustic thing pretty well too, as evidenced on Ain't it Enough. Pulsing and hard rocking this is something that any lover of good times and hard parties should love, its aura and (rightfully) arrogant energy should not be missed!

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