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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Doom-25 Years of Crust

25 Years of Crust cover art

Doom, now here is a crust punk band who really defined their genre. Finally they have a Best Of compilation entitled 25 Years of Crust. And who better to compile it than Rayny Forster, the head of the quasi-legendary Moshpit Tragedy Records. The fifteen tracks captured here represent every era of Doom's existence and showcase the magic that is to be found in crust punk. Filled with blast beats and crass riffs this is every crusties dream come true, a compilation of tracks that really sum up the career of one of the genres greatest acts.

What's interesting to note about this compilation is how coherent it all sounds. Sure the songs are taken from a period spanning four decades and a diaspora of albums but somehow it seems to work. From Agree to Differ to Trash Breeds Trash the tracks flow together and in a weird way such that 25 Years of Crust could be put out as just a normal album (Albeit a very, very good one). An interesting thing to note is that the essential ideology of Doom has stayed fairly solid throughout the years and this album really capitalizes on it showing that these crusties may be legendary, but they're still very much connected with their roots. One of the most important things to me about a best of like this is that it represents the best the band can be, and honestly, I couldn't have chosen fifteen better tracks to represent the underground glory that Doom revels in.

In conclusion, 25 Years of Crust is more than just that, it is a career spanning monument to sheer aggression and a beautiful hatred for society. For those of you who have yet to really get in to crust punk, this should be a fitting introit to the eternal power of the genre. For crust punk lifers, well, this is pretty much everything you could have hoped for, an excellent tribute to a band who gave the genre so much. Powerful, memorable and simply magnificent this record does justice to the bands legacy, reminding us of why we love crust punk so much.

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