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Thursday, July 11, 2013


Canada is rapidly gaining a reputation as a hotbed for the best up and coming thrash metal bands. (I thought they were supposed to be polite!) Besegra is a new addition to this nations burgeoning scene and they seem like they're capable of carrying the flag of crazy thrash metal with heavy riffs and crazy solos there is a lot to love here. Besegra have grasped what thrash metal is all about and gloriously ride their blast beats into thrash metal Valhalla. (Which honestly might just be Ruthie's Inn) What I'm trying to get at, is that their new record Infortunium is a blast of metal magic.

What really sets this record apart is the intricate guitar lines. I know thrash metal is supposed to have them but Besegra makes more use of melodic lines than most thrash metal bands and this gives their music a lot of flavor. The riffs have a breakneck energy to them too and this adds a certain ferocity that is not to be missed. The best example of this is on The Beast Submits which features some very hard hitting guitar parts. It does my blackened heart good to see a young band who really understand how to get at the sheer violence of thrash metal guitar. I'd like to see the band do more with their melodic side though and perhaps add a few nice little solos underneath the vocal lines.

In conclusion, Infortunium is a ripping thrash metal record that represent all that you love about the genre and then rips your intestines open. With some very cool solos (that are almost power metal-esque at times) these guys roar into your skull taking no prisoners and violating all that you hold dear. If you want some good juggular ripping thrash then Besegra is the band for you. A group who reject the neutered image of many rethrash bands these guys storm into the neo-thrash realm ready to conquer the globe with the likes of Nylithia and Ramming Speed!

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