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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Arsenal of Empties

Arsenal of Empties cover art

Arsenal of Empties is an unrelenting grind band who incorporate  few hardcore and thrash elements into their extraordinarily brutal and go for the throat sound. The band is made up of members of the legendary Survivors Will Be Shot Again, this gives you an indication as to how good Arsenal of Empties is. With riffs torn straight from the depths of hell and growls that reflect a true hatred this band is one of the coolest things to come out of Canada in a long while. Their ferocious blasts belie a certain experience, even if it is the groups debut EP. Shockingly tight and wonderfully violent their premier record (which is eponymous) is a sixteen minute blast of grindcore madness at it's finest. These guys are purists of the highest order, consider that, on their debut EP the longest song is only one minute forty nine seconds long, this gives an indication as to the glory of the grind within. In sum, I'm glad to say that the legacy of Survivors Will Be Shot Again lives on in the beautiful violence of Arsenal of Empties music. A group who seek true grindcore dominance Arsenal of Empties certainly have the pedigree and the potential to go far, Moshpit Records most definitely did good in signing them.

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