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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Brennkelt, Cave Growl, Valland and Funeral Dawn at Le Klub

So tonight I went down for yet another visit to Le Klub to finish the gargantuan task of seeing 16 sets in 15 days (my new personal record). Tonight there were four stellar bands all of whom where a lot of fun to see. With a lot diversity there was standard moshing, folk metal dancing and simple headbanging fun. As usual Le Klub was great, I've never moshed or stage dived here before, but my first times doing so were very fun indeed. The crowd had a great general ambiance, better than I had ever felt at this venue before, I will definitely be hanging out with these dudes in the future.

Brennkelt stormed onto the stage with an ax wielding frontman ready to get crazy, the band got an excellent mosh pit going right away and the tension never lowered. This bands blackened death metal sound is a lot of fun to listen to and the violent lyrics praising the Gaulois ancestors of the band really gave the entire thing a very cool vibe. I especially liked the wall of death (Yes, first set, wall of death, the band is that intense live) where they pitted the Romans against the Gaulois, this kind of summed up the battle fueled nature of a band who are dedicated to honoring their ancestors and their ideals. In short, this group was simply a blast to see live.

Up next was Cave Growl, a Korpiklaani like folk metal band who tend to be a bit more turned towards the Gaulois culture than the viking one. They started off their set with a cover of the Game of Thrones theme and then blazed into some hard partying folk metal. While this band may have French roots that is not to say the band is not without their seafaring epics like Captain Blackbeard. With sing a long choruses and hard hitting riffs these guys were a blast to see. I especially loved all the folk dancing we got to do, from line dancing to jigs (but, obviously, much more violent)  In many ways, from the diversity of their set to the glory of their songs these guys were the highlight of the night for me, they bring so much to the table and their sound is rather unique, I can't wait to review their album later this week!

Valland was the next band to play and their powerful frontmans guttural vocals simply melted my face off. While they are much more of a death metal band with folk influences these guys still fit the mood of the night and were a blast to see play. Their lineup consists of three guitarists, something not many bands can pull off, yet Valland do it with aplomb (Admittedly one of their guitarist also plays a variety of folk instruments). There was quite a bit of stage diving and general madness on their set and these guys definitely know how to put on a show. I really liked some of the blazing solos, which added a lot of flavor to their music. I am excited to be able to see these guys again in October at the legendary venue of Glazart.

Funeral Dawn provided a fitting conclusion to the night, though there music, which tends towards the black metal (With a few death and thrash metal influences thrown in for good measure) is a lot more laid back the fans seemed to love it. Personally, I headbanged for pretty much the entire time, except for on a few of the more mosh-worthy riffs. Their final song was quite the thrasher and had stage diving galore. I'd like to see the band go in a bit more of a black metal direction but as is they are a lot of fun to see live, especially in such a personal setting as Le Klub. Definitely an interesting live act they were a great capstone for one of my favorite nights at this venue.

In conclusion, this was a most excellent evening at a wonderful venue, a night that will live forever in my memory. From the great moshing to the glorious dancing there was a lot to love about every band that played tonight. Best of all, I got CD's from all of them, so expect more reviews during the week! While Cave Growl was the highlight of my night I would recommend all of the other bands to lovers of blackened death, or simply just death metal. I hope that you guys get a chance to check these groups out in the future, they all certainly deserve more coverage!

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