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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Terrifier-Metal or Death

Some of you may remember Terrifier from my review of them back in May. Suffice to say with the bands latest release, the three song Metal or Death EP these guys continue to impress me with their sick chops and crazy riffs. Heirs to the throne of bands like Megadeth Terrifier are simply a blast to listen to and as you can tell from the first shriek on the eponymous debut track these guys know how to tear out of the gate and smash your face in. In other words, Metal or Death is just another testament to Terrifiers throat tearing technical thrash metal sound.

These guys have very much developed since their last release Destroyers of the Faith since then they have become even more technical with even more fabulous solos. Their is also a new desperation here too which gives the music a much more aggressive, Slayer-like feel, this is obviously a good thing. I feel like the vocals have radically improved and help to add a lot of flavor to the band making them more than just 'that thrash band with insane guitar parts'. What I'm really trying to say is that with Metal or Death Terrifier have started to find themselves and really boil down the sound that should one day make them into icons of the neothrash movement.

In conclusion, if you're looking for a stellar young thrash band whose chops will rip your face off then Terrifier is the band for you. With crazy solos and a beautiful dedication to the power of metal I can see these guys going far. My one real complaint about this record is that it is far too short, other than that Terrifier seem to be developing nicely, slowly coming up with a sound that is wholly their own. With another release or two under their belt this band should be ready to take the whole world by storm. I'm excited to see what the future holds for this band!

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