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Monday, July 22, 2013

Cave Growl-Something Drunk

I've always been a bit of a sucker for folk metal, there is an earthy magic here that when combined with glorious metal riffs is not something to be taken lightly. It is precisely for that reason that I adore Cave Growls debut record Something Drunk a tribute to the hard partying bands like Alestorm and Korpiklaani. Yet there is something more to this bands sound, there are progressive elements that set Cave Growl aside from the best acts and make them into something even more powerful and magic, a band who are capable of giving new life to the Folk Metal scene.

As I said before there are a few main things that really set this record apart and make it unique. While the first layer is rather standard, fun dancing parts with great riffs there is a lot more to love here. The progressive nature of the songs gives the band a lot more room to play with musical elements, this gives tracks like Struggle of Life a lot more flavor and keeps them poignant. The sing a long choruses are a lot of fun too, they give ridiculous amounts of flavor to tracks like Captain Blackbeard (Which also features an Alestorm twist). In short, Something Drunk has all of the elements needed to make a great party folk metal record and they do it with aplomb making a triumphant tribute to the magic of the genre.

To wrap it all up, if your looking for a glorious folk metal album that tells tales of battles and beer (Or both, as the the song Battle's Beer does) then Something Drunk is the record for you. A band who are just starting to make it big I hope that these French folk metal warriors succeed in sharing their wondrous metal message. Their proggy elements should never be stifled! While there could be some polishing of the tracks there is a lot to love on Something Drunk and I think it could very well be the debut of something grand, of a band capable of taking the world of folk metal to a new, and more progressive, level.

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