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Monday, July 22, 2013

Funeral Dawn-S/T

A lot of modern black metal is getting lost in its own artsy glory, while this isn't a bad thing (and it has produced some great bands) there is a certain magic to be found when a black metal band can seamlessly integrate death and thrash metal elements into its sound in a way that sounds natural and simply works. Yet with Funeral Dawns self titled debut EP we hear a band who are not ashamed to infuse pvre black metal with elements from other genres to attain something that is quite clearly greate than the sum of its parts.

I think the thing that makes this album so distinct for me is the fact that the riff style is rather distinct, while not mind blowing or world changing it has its own flavor which makes the songs a lot more interesting. I also like the way the vocals are often intertwined, from the big chants to more standard issue choruses this band pushes the envelope on what is possible to do with extreme metal vocals. Along with a few other elements (like the roaring solos) Funeral Dawn show themselves to be creative and unique musicians who have found their own way to achieve black metal nirvana.

In conclusion, if you're looking for a fresh young black metal band who do it differently than most acts then Funeral Dawn is the band for you. There five song debut EP represents just under 27 minutes of heavy metal glory. Extremely intelligent and chock full of riffs that are often most righteous indeed these guys really know what they are doing to say the least. A band who seem worthy to take on a much bigger stage the future seems exciting for Funeral Dawn and seeing how their unique blackened death metal sound evolves will be a treat in years to come.

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