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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Dreadful Silence-Carnival of Dead Bodies

As children I think we pretty much all were embedded early on with a deep set fear of clowns, I was at least. They play upon some of our most basic fears and never cease to terrify. So what better way to make a name for yourself as a shocking band than with a clown inspired image and songs that reflect a carnival ripped out of hell? on Carnival of Dead Bodies Dreadful Silence do just that with a purely evil sound that reflects all of the magic of groove metal and all of the sheer terror that infests the very best death metal. A rather long testament to the potential of Dreadful Silence (The record clocks in at 65 minutes) there is a lot to love about this band.

One of the first things that should strike you about this record is the sheer power of the riffs, while they tend to be in the groovy death metal vein there are also a lot of hardcore parts giving the band a very violent edge. The groups vocalist is also one of those virtuoso growlers with an approach that incorporates a diaspora of extreme metal vocal styles from shrieks to growls, squeals to shouts. This gives a lot of flavor to the ,usic and really sets the band apart musically. Finally it's important to note the bands tendency to use some off kilter and carnival inspired riffs that play off the bands image. This adds a bit more flavor to some of the songs (and it's certainly not omnipresent)

To finish, if you're looking for a modern death metal record that is a bit...different in both sound and conception then Carnival of Dead Bodies is something you need to check out. After seeing them last week at Le Klub (see the review HERE) I'm thrilled to have the chance at seeing them again Saturday (At La Scene Bastille) and if you're a Parisian metalhead you should be too. A band who seem ready to turn the death metal scene on it's head Carnival of Dead Bodies is an intimidating and mind crushing release from one of my favorite up and coming death metal acts.

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