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Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Some of you may remember Ewigkeit as the Hawkwind influenced black metal project from the great James Fogarty. You might ask, 'Why are you writing about that, that guy hasn't done anything with Ewigkeit in years!" Well, that's all about too change. Mr. Fog has a new record entitled Back to Beyond due out August 23rd and by god is it a doozy. Perfectly fusing the music of Hawkwind with the likes of Burzum this has rapidly become one of my coolest black metal discoveries of the year. Symphonic, powerful and strangely beautiful Ewigkeit has lost none of its original charm and magic. The eight tracks that make up the new record are extremely interesting and do things you rarely hear in modern metal. With fresh new ideas and lots of cool new stuff on the horizon, I for one am very glad that Ewigkeit has ended its prolonged hiatus. If you don't already know Ewigkeit then you want to check out the project right away and get on the boat before Back to Beyond takes the world by storm!

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