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Wednesday, July 10, 2013


At last, the moment we've all been waiting for, new music from Revocation. So what has the greatest band in  modern death metal brought up from the pits of the Dark Lord with their latest release? Sheer heavy metal genius. Chaos of Forms was the greatest death metal record of 2011, Teratogenesis the best EP of 2012, and it looks like Revocation's new self titled record is going to be the best death metal album of 2013. A clear progression on their previous work Revocation have managed to blow my mind once again with a new album that is at once moodier, darker and more majestic than any of their previous releases.

There are new elements now in Revocations music that were only hinted at before. While the crazy riffs are still here there are new darker sections that provide interesting new flavors to Revocations music. This is a band that has significantly matured, the hard rock feel that pervaded some parts of Chaos of Forms is for the most part gone now, these guys have impressed the true darkness of death metal and come out all the heavier because of it. Toss in some pitch perfect production and you have yourself a death metal record the ages. One with insane riffs, jazzy atmospherics and growls ripped straight out of the bowels of hell, this band has seen a significant evolution in their sound and they are now more glorious than ever before, Revocation have ascended their death metal throne.

In conclusion, even after only a handful of spins I feel confident in saying that Revocation is probably going to be the album of they year for me and many other metalheads the world over. Simply put, if you cast everything else aside the riffs are simply righteous, and if that is not reason enough to listen to this record then I don't know what is. The band has honed their sound into an unholy perfection, a sort of chthonic saturnalia that will be loved across the underground and despised by posers the world over. A death metal record for death metallers Revocation is here to kill the posers and show all the little boys and girls what death metal is really about. You HAVE to pick up this record when it drops August 6.

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