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Sunday, July 28, 2013


Exhumed have long been one of my favorite grinding death metal bands, a group who are unapologetic in their dedication to brutality and the raw evil of their sound. Their latest release Necrocracy is simply more of the best from one of the best bands in the genre, a group who are now entering their third decade of existence and seem more capable of ripping off faces and shredding posers than ever before. Necrocracy shows Exhumed at their finest, shredding, crashing and violent and glorious in their dedication to all that is heavy, something few bands can really match.

The thing that makes these tracks special is that they just don't let up, they continue to melt your face off for songs at a time with nary a pause in site. Instead you are held in thrall to the roar of Exhumed's well honed music. They've been ripping it up for 23 years, it should come as no surprise that these guys have really started to come into their own as some of the best death metal musicians ever. From the technical riffs to the brutal grinds their is a bit of something for every fan of extreme music and for those who seek to push the boundary further Exhumed are right there with you. Their combination of technical madness and grinding power is worthy of Carcass and Necrocracy proves their evil will never die.

To top it off, Necrocracy is nine tracks of concentrated grinding death metal madness from a band who understand what it is to pull of riffs that are both incredibly complex but also ridiculously brutal. The growls are more vicious than ever and Exhumed seem ready to launch their career to a whole new level. Suffice to say, this bands potent mix of blistering speed, vicious vocals and great musical chops only improves with each album and this record is living proof of that. Suffice to say, if you're at all into death metal you need to pick up Necrocracy when it drops August 6th!

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