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Monday, July 29, 2013

Living In Silence

Living In Silence is a nifty metal band from New Zealand (Man, I don't get to review bands from there often) their explosive sound combines styles and a great riff style these guys are a lot of fun to listen to and showcase a true innovation that few bands can really match. The way they combine styles works really well too, their music makes plain and simple sense. Their is a magic here that you can't really mess with, a sort of internal power that gives the music a plan and simple drive that very few acts can truly match. This drive makes Living In Silence special, a band who understand the true glory of mixing and matching genres to make something better than the sum of its parts. If these guys are any indicator then the New Zealand metal scene must truly be a great one. A band who are not afraid to combine a variety of influences into their already supercharged sound there is a lot of great potential to be had here. If you're a Kiwi and are looking for a great band near you (These guys live in Auckland) then Living In Silence is the band for you.

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