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Friday, July 5, 2013

Final Trigger-Scrap Metal Vol II

Now, you guys know me, usually nu-metal scares me off and makes me uncomfortable. That's because it's rarely ever well done our properly implemented. Yet when it IS well done, well then its pretty awesome. I'm very glad to say that Scrap Metal Vol II proves that Final Trigger know how to make good nu metal. Hard hitting grooves and rapped lyrics come together too form a unique whole, that while it may not be for the intellectual it definitely has a sort of primal appeal. Their is a certain magic invoked here that rekindles my faith in one of metals most maligned genres.

What makes this band special is that their groove does not sound forced, it just seems to be a natural extension onto their style of playing. Their crushing riffs come from the heart, and while they may be dumb at times they are definitely pure. The rap breaks are also pretty tastefully done (I know right?) and show that rap breaks can indeed be used well in a metal context. (I particularly like the rapping on the stellar track Through the Darkness) The 'street' feel of a lot of the riffs helps to make things a lot more interesting and colorful. I'd also like to point out that the solos are pretty cool and add a lot of flavor to tracks like Face It. I kind of wonder what would happen if the band added more heavy electric beats to spice up their sound...

So, if you're looking for a band with big choruses, powerful riffs and a groove ripped from the streets then this is the band for you. Final Trigger get how to do nu metal right and they want to bring it to you. Scrap Metal Vol II is a very promising sophomore release and I only see this band getting better in the future. Hard hitting and filled with a glorious rock and roll energy I can see these guys going far. For an album that restores my faith in nu-metal I can only say good things, these guys are talented songwriters and passionate players, sure some of the songs may be a bit primitive but hey, isn't that what some of the best metal is based off?

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