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Saturday, July 6, 2013


Kovo is a cool rock band with all of the acoustic mastery of geniuses like Biffy Clyro and the groovy riffs of Queens of the Stone Age. A band who are distinctly engaging to listen too these guys know what it is to create pulsating and vibrant modern rock. Music that is dynamic and plays with elements of light and dark to engage the listener and keep him ever interested in the shifting nature of the sound. Distinctly beautiful this mix of Light and Dark is almost reminiscent of the Led Zeppelin classic Babe I'm Gunna Leave You, especially on songs like A Lullaby. They are simply that good, the songwriting feels like a natural extension on the musicians themselves and their music just works. I'd also like to point out that this bands lead singer really knows what they are doing. They add a lot of flavor to the songs and help to keep Kovo sounding professional and tight. So if you're looking for some modern rock that reeks of great vibes, powerful riffs and a general good time then this is the record for you!

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