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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Here Comes a New Challenger

Here Comes a New Challenger indeed, a deathcore band who I will be seeing tonight these guys have the potential to become new lords (Or new challengers to the throne) of the deathcore scene. With a powerful and often melodic hardcore tinged sound these guys know how to create pure deathcore that rips off faces yet also has a bit more of a melodic side. Some of the riffs here are simply excellent, I particularly dig the intro riff of There is No Escape for You and how it then blast right into a face melting riff of dynamic proportions. The breakdowns are fairly tastefully done too and in fact add a lot of flavor to the music. Yet I still think this band is strongest when they go full on death metal. Their crushing power is really allowed to thrive with their fastest parts and takes the band too a whole new level. In short, if you're looking for a cool young deathcore band with a lot of potential and riffs that are often too die for then Here Comes a New Challenger is the band for you!

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