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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Weeping, Kneeling

Life Has No Meaning / Weeping, Kneeling Split cover art

Now, there is trve doom metal, and there is trve black metal if you know what I mean. On one hand you have Pallbearer and on the other you have an insane metal lord like Chris Martin to give the music a truly nihilistic and evil quality. His latest release, a split with Life Has No Meaning is a testament to the incredible power that metal can have in its kvltest form. The kind of thing I could see coming out on Southern Lord the haze produced by Weeping, Kneeling's music is hard to wrap your head around. The waves of distortion that characterize the music are easy to get lost in and give the music a very introverted and isolated feel. Toss in some simply unholy shrieks and your on your way to something special. On the split record this is nicely complimented by the more black metal overtones of Life Has No Meaning. Weeping, Kneeling is a very promising project that embraces all that is grim and evil, I would like to see a full length from Chris Martin. It could very well be one the best super heavy and frightening doom metal releases of all time. Rife with potential and leaving the listener begging for more, who knows what the future holds for this project?

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