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Sunday, July 7, 2013


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Strungout is an up and coming thrash metal band with an attitude. Their new demo, while definitely of law audio quality shows a lot of potential and makes me curious to hear what else this band has to bring to the table. The four songs that make up their current discography have cool riffs and excellent solos, often reminiscent of bands like Exodus. While right now everything is pretty fast and loose I think with some polish these guys could become really special. They clearly have the chops and the know how, so with some studio time it looks like good things could happen. As is though the production takes a lot away from songs like Crash and Burn, fortunately it seems like the group is aware of that. Filled with a potent thrash metal energy and tons of crashing riffs I'm excited to see these guys develop. They have enough interesting ideas and thrilling guitar lines to keep me engaged, these guys seem like they are trying to break into the burgeoning neo-thrash scene. A definite band to watch I'm excited to  see where these guys go in the future!

Listen to them on Soundcloud!

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