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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Life is a Joke

Life is a Joke is another cool nu-metal band from France who have a lot of interesting riffs and solid songwriting that comes together to create a Rage Against the Machine type of rap metal that is wholly enjoyable and not at all related to Limp Bizkits trash. In fact, the group they remind me most of is another French nu metal act called Smash Hit Combo, one of those bands who prove that its the most recent nu metal acts who are the best. Another comparison might be to the first two Korn albums (or at least the better songs on those records) One of the cool things about Life is a Joke is that their is a real desperation in their growls, a sort of pure and unadulterated hatred. In the future I'd like to see them give a bit more credence to their growls and make them one of the dominating parts of the sound. Suffice to say, if you're looking for a cool nu metal band to spice up your Tuesday then this is the band for you! I'm very much anticipating getting to see them perform live this Saturday night in Paris!

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