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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Slovenly World-Alternate Ending

Alternate Ending cover art

A lot of these modern metal bands are pretty bland and reprehensible, they are rarely especially interesting and usually all sound the same. Slovenly World seems to be trying to combat this with hard hitting riffs that combine a little bit of everything for a rather tasty and developed whole that has the potential to go far. Their new record Alternate Ending is a promising little EP that shows the band has the power to make a great album. With lots of dead ahead aggression and more melodic and gentle parts there is a little something for every mainstream metaller on this record.

The thing about this band is that they do a fairly good job mixing cleans and growls. While the cleans could be improved at times the overall effect is very solid and like how they layer voices. At best it is reminiscent of a band like Trivium, the melodic vocals work to benefit the song rather than make into a stupid 'good cop, bad cop' marathon. With some very solid songwriting and cool riffs the rest of Alternate Ending is very well  organized, and while it could do with a bit of polish it's still a most excellent record. I especially love how the band is not afraid to just go for the throat with extra blasts of speed, it helps to keep things interesting and dynamic.

In conclusion, Alternate Ending is a spicy release with lots of cool concepts and some strong songwriting. Although the band could do with some refinement their minds are definitely in the right place and I would like to see how they develop their music in the future. Quite honestly, these guys have the potential to be the next Trivium. With great vocal lines and soaring solos this band really gets how to make modern metal. They're simply that good. Now it's just a question of seeing if they can take the next few evolutionary steps to reach modern metal godhood.

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