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Tuesday, July 2, 2013


The greatness of international thrash is that it's purveyors are raised separate from all of the thrash decadence that is so prominent in America right now. This means that the thrash scene outside of the US tends to be a lot more pvre and dedicated to the genre. Psychoid prove to be no exception to this. With a vicious sound rife with ripping guitar lines, fun solos and great choruses these guys seem capable of getting huge fast. What makes them awesome is the ridiculous pace of their guitar work and unerring dedication to speed, thrash, and all that is metal. If this dedication was at all contrived to make the band sell then their sound wouldn't work, yet it does, so we know that Psychoid really believe in what they are doing. Suffice to say I am very much looking forward to seeing them on Friday night and I'm trembling with anticipation of that immortal thrash metal chorus of "Kick your ass!" If you're looking for a thrash band who will take no reservations to melt your face an crush your head in then Psychoid is the band for you!

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