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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Regulation Nine

Regulation Nine is a nifty rock band from Nashville, the throbbing heart of American music. With a tightly polished sound that still somehow retains its 'live jam' feel Regulation Nine have created something fresh and interesting with their music. They take the traditional maxims of modern rock and infuse it with a heavy country vibe. The guitar parts feature some unique lines too which makes sense considering the guitarists classical and jazz backing. This gives the music a unique flavor and allows the band to do things that you might not otherwise hear from this sort of group. In particular, the solo on Know No is especially good and very tasty! What I think makes this band cool is that they can appeal to the casual fan, but they really are pushing the envelope on what rock can be. I think they just need a little more time to fully develop their ideas. If they incorporate more jazz elements into their sound then I get the feeling that Regulation Nine can be truly great!

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